Is it already time for a coaching change?


The Bucs lost again yesterday, this time to the Carolina Panthers, 17-3.

Personally, I saw no protection for the passing game. Winston seemed as if he were hit on practically every play. At the same time, Winston make some horrible decisions. He held the ball too long, and was responsible for 3 turnovers, including 2 interceptions.

The very first thing that needs to happen is for coach to give up play-calling duties. Koetter needs to be the head coach and allow the offensive coordinator to call the plays. I like coach Koetter and want to see him succeed as our coach, at least for one more season, but it is painfully obvious he can’t do both, call plays and be the head coach.

Finally, as far as the defense is concerned, I think we need to either find a new defense of coordinator, or change the system, because it’s pretty obvious, the 3-4 scheme isn’t working.

Yesterday’s game was the worse game I have seen Winston play, including college. They played so bad yesterday that I almost turned my TV off before the half. That feeling was short-lived however, being a true fan, I am going to support my team till the end.

The season isn’t over yet, but the fat lady is beginning her warm-up. They have to practically win out to have any chance at a playoff berth, and that will begin this Sunday vs the division leading New Orleans Saints.

If we finish this season 6-10 or worse, it will be very difficult for coach Koetter to keep his job, and we will be going into next season with a new head coach. Let’s go fans, we can’t give up, at least not yet.

Edited By: Harmeet Kapur