Take a seat Jameis.


The record stands at 2-5 and things don’t look like they are improving. The defense cannot get out of their own way and the guy taken at number 1 overall is hurt.

Now the coaches have a choice; keep Winston on the field and pray he keeps going and somehow rights the ship, or sit the man, let him recover properly and Let Fitzpatrick earn his paycheck.

Personally this writer is of the opinion that Jameis needs to take a seat and heal up. The type of injury he has can linger and if a Quarterback cannot throw the ball he’s a slow running back. The season of hope has turned into the season of “this again?” There seems no point in letting the injury to our potential franchise QB worsen until he cannot play anymore. Maybe he will swoop in to cement a playoff place for the Bucs or maybe he just sits the rest of the season. Either way throwing 1853 yards and 10 touchdowns to 6 interceptions should be all folks in the 2017 season.