Week 8 vs. Carolina Panthers Game Analysis by Hagen


After losing our first divisional game to the Carolina Panthers, we are now officially this year’s most disappointing team in the NFL so far. If somebody had told us 8 weeks ago that we were going to start the season 2-5 we would have laughed at them. Yet, it is the ugly truth for us now. Our defense, especially the secondary, did not look as bad as expected before the game, but, for some strange reason, it was our offense that could not get anything going this time. The Buccaneers only converted on two (!) 3rd downs, which resembles an abysmal 16%. Winston once again overthrew his target in crucial situations, this time Mike Evans, for what would have been a long Touchdown that could potentially have opened up the game.

Our Defense did a good job containing the run. However, we were not able to get much pressure on the Quarterback again, as Newton was not sacked once. Pass rush is shaping out to be one of the bigger problems of our team this year. Our offensive issues, however, seem inexplicable as of now.

Nonetheless, our season is not totally lost yet, we can still turn things around, we’d have to win 7 out of our last 9 games, though, and most likely 4 out of the 5 divisional games if we still want to make the playoffs. Next up is a very tough matchup against Drew Brees and his thriving New Orleans Saints. Let us hope for a much-needed win!

Go Bucs!