Bucs players are saying they are not as good as they thought they were.


As the 2017 season is already entering week 9, a lot of rumors and speculations have been going around about our very own buccaneer players stating that maybe they are not as good as they thought they were.

As we look at the Bucs in depth, we see that the Bucs have a defense filled with names that on paper would make the team an instant contender. We acquired “Swaggy” Baker (Chris Baker) in the off season to play alongside one of the best nose tackles in the game today, “Geraldini” McCoy and a talented defensive end Robert Ayers. Well, that sounds nice, but 8 weeks in and the defense has only 7 sacks to show for it.

Can it be father time knocking on that door? Or can it be the scheme that Mike Smith is trying to run? Not trying to point fingers, but something has got to give.

Moving on to the line backers Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David are listed, as top tier athletes that play their positions. However both players have been out with lingering injuries earlier in the season causing both players to miss multiple games. The defensive backs have been a mixture of names and experiments. T.J Ward was brought in to help solidify the backfield alongside Keith Tandy and rookie sensation Justin Evans. The corners have also been injured as well with both Robert McClain and Tampa’s favorite corner Brent Grimes missing games due to injury.

Now on the offensive side of the ball the injury bug spares no one. Jameis Winston took a hit against the cardinals week 6 that hurt both his shoulder and his confidence. Famous Jameis Winston is a very gifted player as well. But playing though an A.C joint sprain is not making a strong case about if he is not as good as he thought he is.

To the defense of our players, is not that they are not good enough. They have suffered major and minor setbacks thanks to the injury bug.

There are 8 weeks in the season where there can be a turn around for the entire team. Or we can see it as 8 more weeks to clearly see if some of our very own are not really as good as we thought they were.