To Fire or Not To Fire?


Whether you like Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith or hate them both, we all know that the time is coming when the Glazers will get itchy trigger fingers and want to get rid of both of them. So lets talk about candidates for this amazing job opening. My pick would be Jim Harbaugh. Why? Well he’s had success in the NFL with a young team and a young qb. The situation in Michigan is not good right now so it would make sense for him to make his way back to the NFL. Another name is Josh McDaniels and we all know why he’s a great candidate. His offense is one of the best every year and not only in NE but also in Denver. Those are my 2 picks for HC.

Next up lets talk about the defense. Now the mike Smith defense is a “bend but not break” type of defense that is definitely not working. First candidate is Pete Kwiatkowski…who?. The DC for the 1st ranked defense of the University of Washington Huskies. Now I know that defense is not the same when it comes to the NFL, but new coaches and new schemes seem to be the new norm as the Rams, Eagles and other teams are having success or better seasons than before. Other college candidates could be the DC from Bama, Jeremy Pruitt, or we can double dip the Michigan coaching staff and bring in their DC Don Brown. NFL candidates are a dime a dozen as our defense is atrocious right now. I do think an off season move for a DC would be better than a mid-season change so the team can have more time to learn the new scheme.

For an OC position I would much rather have Dirk give up play calling duties and see what Todd Monken can do. I never will understand why we hire OCs and don’t let them call plays. This is my 2 cents and until next time GO BUCS!!!!!