Stats vs Eyes – By Brit Buc


Tale of the tape, All 22, Pro Player Focus. Use whatever tool you want to, if you looked at the numbers and didn’t know the score, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a blowout win for the Buccaneers.

But there’s only one statistic that counts and that’s the final score; Packers 26 Bucs 20!

Many readers will have read my previous articles on the stats behind the woes of the offense, defense and running game. In all of those articles I made the point “statistics don’t tell the whole story” and boy was that right!

Statistically the Bucs ran all over the Packers. Only one problem; they didn’t do enough with the ball for all the time they had it. Once again Tampa Bay couldn’t stop the run either, often giving the Green Bay Packers backfield enough space to subject them to attacks of agoraphobia. Watching the game, it became more and more frustrating.

Quote any statistic you like, but this Buccaneer performance definitely failed the eye test. Often I have asked the question of Play calling or execution? I think we know the answer now!