Let’s See The Youngsters Play – By Kyle Riddle


With the season almost over and a playoff berth, highly unlikely, should the Bucs take a look at some of their young talent and give the veterans a break? They are loaded with very young talent that we have yet to see get much playing time.

Instead of starting an ailing Jameis Winston, let’s see what former Tulane QB Ryan Griffin can do. During the preseason, before he was injured, he was neck and neck with Fitzpatrick for the back-up spot. Team mates have also raved about his leadership ability.

Another talented player is 3rd round pick Chris Godwin. He has had an excellent year as a fourth receiver and even had one start for a suspended Mike Evans. Let’s give him more game time. Let’s see if he’s better in the slot or on the outside. He definitely has the skill-set of an NFL wide receiver; So let’s take a look at what he can do.

Peyton Barber deserves to start more than anyone. Doug Martin and Jacquizz Rogers have done, virtually, nothing this year. Charles Sims has good hands, but Barber has shined at every opportunity.

Of course, none of this will happen. Dirk Koetter is coaching for his job, which means Jameis Winston, and others, will surely start the remaining games.