Despite Injury Gerald McCoy Wants To Play – by Jay Bucs


Last week, against the Lions, Gerald McCoy may have suffered, what he thinks, is a torn bicep. He left the game in immense pain and fear that his season may be finished. However, he has not given up hope that he may be able to push through the final three games.

He told Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times that he is a fighter, will not quit and gives everything that he has on every down. He loves this team and he loves this city so if there is even the slightest chance that he will be able to play, he is going to play. Hopefully, this lays to rest some of the statements made by fans questioning his passion for the game. Many fans have stated directly to his social media account, or in other social media venues, that he seems to lack passion on the football field. Simply ridiculous.

The fact that he has not been placed on IR, yet, shows that the Buccaneers are going to take his injury, day to day and if he feels he can play, will let him play.

Personally, I, believe that if he is injured that he should rest, especially with the season pretty much over with. Why further your injury just to play? I, fully, appreciate your drive and passion, but you have nothing to prove that you haven’t already proven.