Guess What’s Coming – By BritBuc


Calling all armchair coordinators and Monday Morning Quarterbacks…or in this case defensive backs.

How many of us have the experience of NFL players? That’s right! NONE! But, how is it that the vast majority of us can call the following Buccaneers play RIGHT BEFORE IT HAPPENS? It’s simple, and I’m very sorry but it isn’t because we are suddenly experts on reading an NFL defense and we’re the next great safety or linebacker headed to the Hall of Fame. No, it’s because the offense and Play Calling is so predictable. It’s almost a basic college offense!

If we are able to predict the play imagine how easy it is for seasoned professionals. It’d be the same as Dirk actually handing the Playbook to the opponents. It’s such a vanilla offense he either doesn’t have the confidence in himself to call a more complex game, or doesn’t have confidence in the players. The golden rule has and always will be “put your players in a position to succeed”. Over the course of 2017, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Coach Koetter has not done that. From his marshmallow soft training camp to the Pop Warner offense the fans with even an average grasp of the game can predict.

Even Mrs. Britbuc can tell if a pass or run is coming from the Buccaneer offense, and she doesn’t really follow the game.