In the wake of the firing of Hayes last week, despite him being under contract for the upcoming season, the Buccaneers are in need of a new defensive line coach. After a devastating season with the lack of consistent pass rush, and the lack of production from the D-line in general, left the buccaneers in last place with 22 sacks in the NFL.  It stands to reason that they would look at Paul Spicer for the job, considering his current position as assistant d-line coach, however,  his contribution to the let-down of last season may work against him, if the Bucs are wanting to go in a much different direction. While his knowledge of Tampa Bay’s existing defensive line personnel, could work in his favor.

The Buccaneers also have other candidates, including Ted Monachino, on their radar and Iv’e heard maybe Brenston Buckner, also. But considering the timing, as well as the widely known fact that the Bucs have one more season to turn things around before there could be a huge change in staff for 2019, would any of the qualified, experienced, coaches with other options choose to come to Tampa at this time?





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Crystal M. Morgan

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