Kicking Old Habits – Daniel Beebe


The Buccaneers are in desperate need of a reliable kicker. We have all watched several games be lost because special teams cannot get it done in crunch time. The Buccaneers even used a high draft pick to select Roberto Aguayo. He was the best kicker in the nation… but when he got to the NFL he couldn’t make anything happen on the field. Let’s take a look at who the Buccaneers should consider signing this year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers has tendered Chris Boswell. If he was to sign with another team, they would owe Pittsburgh a 2nd round pick. Boswell has been very consistent for the Steelers throughout his career. He has made at least 90% of his field goal attempts in 2 of the past 3 seasons. He also went 6-8 from 50+ yards. Boswell is still young (27) and would be perfect for the Buccaneers. I would have no issue signing Boswell to a long-term contract. This would end the question marks that are currently keeping the Buccaneers from obtaining a spot in the playoffs.

Matt Bryant is very familiar with the Buccaneers. He is probably towards the end of his career at 43 years old, but he is still getting it done on the gridiron. He went 34-39 last season and went 8-9 from 50+ yards. That is absolutely insane considering his age. Not only would signing him make sense for the Buccaneers, but they would also be stealing him from a division rival (Atlanta Falcons).  Would Tampa Bay spend money for Bryant and consider drafting another young guy to groom for when he retires?

The last kicker to mention for the Buccaneers is Chandler Catanzaro. He spent the last couple seasons with Arizona and the New York Jets. Catanzaro is 27 years old and continues to be consistent in the kicking game. Last season, he made 85% of his attempts. He has gone 5-8 for 50+ yards in the past two seasons. Signing him may truly be the most logical option for Tampa Bay. They would also be able to sign Catanzaro without giving up anything in return.

Bucs fans have been pinching themselves trying to wake up from this terrible nightmare. Please, Mr. Licht, end this for us all and sign one of these veteran kickers. The time is now for the Buccaneers. The kicking game is the missing piece the Bucs need to achieve their Super Bowl ambitions!


Edited by Morgan Adele