Say it ain’t so.


I say it isn’t so and to say  it is so, is  definitely jumping to conclusions.

A video has surfaced that shows Vernon Hargreaves, or someone who looks like him, smoking a cigar. Yep, a cigar. At Least that would be my first impression of what he was toking on. However, the posted video states that he’s smoking something else and media is running with it.

Yes, the news has been rather slow lately, and this may be the reason for such wild accusations , however the fact is, you cannot smell what is being smoked through a computer screen. Nor can you do anything else but assume what he is doing. Claiming that it is one thing without giving the benefit of the doubt is kind of off color in this writer’s opinion.

Despite what is actually happening in the video, whether it’s him or not, old or recent, it still does not bode well for the young struggling corner back and it will have the NFL thrown, again, into another investigation of a Buccaneers player. Jameis is still under investigation for the 2016 Uber Driver incident.

Let’s not be hasty in our judgement just yet, as too many variables are at play with this recent video surfacing.

Keep Calm and Go Bucs!

Here is the video let me know what you think.