Three Superior Picks and The Hope that One Falls to 7


Bucs Nation, we are closing in on a highly anticipated draft as our beloved Buccaneers get started at number 7.

Needless to say, the path to the 7th draft position was no fun ride, but now that we are here, there are some valuable rewards (players) to reap.

This is a top heavy draft class. There are valuable QB’s available and a slew of teams needing their future franchise star, leaving quite possibly a top 3 talent that could drop into our lap at number 7.

The top 3 players on most draft boards are DB Bradley Chubb, RB Saquon Barkley, and G Quenton Nelson. Ironically, those respective positions just so happen to be of the greatest needs of the team.

First up, Bradley Chubb. Although we did make a couple of off-season moves in the defensive line, for immediate help, but you can not deny the abilities this guy brings to the defensive side of the ball. Yes, our secondary could use some help, and to be honest, some of the best help they could get is a reliable and effective pass rush. Should we draft Chubb, and with JPP and McCoy manning the line, our secondary, and the defense as a whole just got a hell of a lot better.

Saquon, who has everything any front office could dream of, is said to be a “generational” talent. Our running back situation is definitely up in the air, and with many good choices later on in the first few rounds, finding a productive offensive weapon who can help Jameis stay calm, cool and collected shouldn’t be difficult. I think we pick a RB in the second or third round.

However, sticking to that side of the ball, an offensive guard would be a huge help to keeping Jameis on his feet, dialed in, and help getting the ground game going as well. At 6’5 330 lbs, Nelson is the mean machine that any running back would love to run behind. As much help as Saquon could be to our running game, Nelson can and should be of higher value for the first pick of the draft.

Lastly of the top 3 prospects is With all of that said, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers basically can’t miss if any of these 3 prospects are still on the board when we pick at 7.

A very diverse pass rusher, a pancake blocker, or a Swiss Army knife running back would all be welcomed with open arms in Tampa. I would love to see one of them fall into our laps.

If that were to happen Bucs fans, which would you want? Or would you be ready to take some calls to move down, see who is offering what, and make deals for more draft picks?

Let us know what you think and be ready next week when the draft starts!