Beckwith may miss entire off season after car accident injury


On Thursday, Buccaneers General Manager  Jason Lich, told reporters that LB Kendell Beckwith was involved in a single vehicle car accident last week in Louisiana that left him with a fractured ankle. As a result of the ankle injury, Beckwith had to undergo surgery on Tuesday.

Also, According to Licht, the 2nd year Linebackers participation in training camp this off-season looks doubtful. He also stated that it is too early to give a specific time frame as to when Beckwith could return to the field and he has not ruled out the possibility of Beckwith missing the start of the season.

“Right now it’s unfair to give a timeline as well with him,” said Licht. “We’re very fortunate that it wasn’t life-threatening for him or the driver. We’ll probably hold him – he’ll be out of OTAs, and in training camp we’ll have a better idea of how far along he is.”

The Buccaneers drafted Beckwith in the third round in 2017, regardless of an ACL tear that ended his season with LSU early. The timeline for that injury was unknown as well, and there was uncertainty as to whether or not he would be ready for the start of the regular season; luckily he was cleared to practice at the very start of training camp and never missed a game in his rookie season.

So here’s to hoping he has a speedy recovery and can return to the field quickly.