Bucs have the 4th hardest schedule in the NFL based on strength of schedule.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced their 2018 schedule this week, prompting predictions and analysis of their fortunes for this coming season.


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Based on the 2017 records of their opponents, the Bucs could be in for a long year. Their 2018 opponents finished last season with a combined record of 136-120 with a 53.1 percent win percentage.


Only the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints have harder schedules.  

Playing in a division that includes three playoff teams from last season is a good way to start in a hole.


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The Buccaneers have only two other 2017 postseason teams (Eagles and Steelers) on the docket, but they still face the fourth toughest schedule in the NFL with their opponents’ combined winning percentage from last season at .531.


And that’s before you factor in the improvement teams like San Francisco and Chicago have made this offseason.


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