Sound Familiar? Ig-Way-Byoo-Kay?


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His name is Godwin Igwebuike, pronounced as seen in the title, and he might just be some fans biggest hopeful going into the new season.  As it has been noticed with some of the fanbase losing sleep over Tampa passing on Derwin James.
Godwin, not to be confused with WR Chris Godwin, was brought in after the draft after getting a vote of confidence in the organization from former Buccaneer kicker Donald Igwebuike. Donald is Godwin’s uncle and after not visiting the Tampa grounds in years, is looking forward to a possible return this upcoming season.

Now I say, he may be some fans biggest hopeful to make the roster as he will compete with newly drafted safety Jordan Whitehead and our current starters for the safety positions. But if he happens to make the squad it could be reunion time in Tampa for the Igwebuike family.