Donovan Smith Believes Bucs Can Thrive W/ Newest Line Additions.


During this year’s free agency, the Buccaneers quickly set their sites on upgrading both lines. However, the defensive line saw the most additions. But, that doesn’t mean the offensive line didn’t see it’s share of pre-draft changes.

Tampa made their first hint of changes to come, by announcing the move of Ali Marpet from center to left guard. A move that definitely solidifies the left side of the line and helps Donovan Smith see his best chance for success. Secondly, the Buccaneers fill the hole, left by the Marpet position change, by signing free agent Center Ryan Jensen.

Smith seemed more than confident that those couple of moves, alone, will put Tampa’s offensive line in a much better position to succeed than it’s been in for quite some time.

Image result for Donovan smithThere is a lot of energy, great energy out there. Actually I was talking to Ali, while we were out there and you can just feel the difference this year. You know, a lot of guys they have that spark. As a team we’re just here, getting better, pushing each other to be great, and holding each other accountable on things.”


“Any time you get experience like that, a mean streak like that to come into the room and contribute, is huge. So, to be able to take all of that experience and tie that together with what we have already, the sky is the limit for us.”

Smith definitely places, fellow teammate, Ali Marpet in high regards and believes that he will excel in his new position:
“Obviously Ali is a great player and any time you get him next to a guy, it’s going to make us better. He played at a high level at right guard and a high level at center and he’s going to play at a high level at left guard if that’s how it works out.”
In summing up his review of both line additions and changes, Smith seems to be hinting that the Buccaneers have all the key pieces in place:

Image result for buccaneers lines practice 2017“A football team thrives off of the offensive line. Without the offensive line, defensive line, there’s really no football, it’s 7-on-7. You gotta have those guys up front, big, mean, tenacious guys who are going lead and to push each other and take the lead and take charge of the team. There’s four or five of us on the line at a time. It’s almost a must to have a great defensive line, offensive line. Accountability, mental toughness, discipline, all of those good things, to tie them together. So, that’s what we have from top to bottom on both sides.”

The additions to the defensive line; Jason Pierre-Paul, Mitch Unrein, Beau Allen, Vinny Curry, and Vita Veashould put the Buccaneers’ defense in a much better position to succeed. They should be able to create a solid pass rush, which will, in turn, allow the secondary a little breathing room, and therefore making our defensive unit, much improved. Maybe even become a little dangerous.

Image result for alex cappa NFLThe selection of OL Alex Cappa, in this year’s draft, also helps boost the offensive line, considering he is a guy, who is able to play multiple positions. As of now, it’s been mentioned that Cappa will be learning the right guard position – Likely due to Sweezy being a question mark – but, also will be adding the right tackle position to his list of studies. Whether, or not he is going to be a starter is yet to be determined. However, having a solid – young lineman – on the team for depth, who can play multiple positions, is something that is never a bad thing.  (See: Ali Marpet)

Time will tell if these improvements will translate from paper to the field, but for now, it seems that the energy levels are through the roof around One Buc and among the team. And that’s a great thing to hear before training camp even begins.