Jordan Whitehead Influenced By Super Star Cousin


Jordan Whitehead recently went on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football to talk a little bit about his Super Star cousin, Darrelle Revis.

Whitehead spoke briefly, as his segment was only a min and change long, about how his cousin had a major impact in his life and in his football career.

Growing up, young Jordan would watch his cousin Revis play basketball at Aliquippa High School and even watched him lead his team to the WPIAL Championship. Revis led his team in scoring during his senior and junior years.

During the same time, young Whitehead also witnessed his cousin lead his team in a comeback win over the Northern Lehigh by scoring five touchdowns, (three rushing, a punt return, and a blocked field goal returned for a score), in the PIAA Class AA State Championship football game. Revis also had the most interceptions by any cornerback in High School.

A young, starry-eyed Jordan Whitehead attended his cousin’s 20017 draft party, in which he was selected 14th overall. He remembered the excitement and the feeling of joy expressed by his cousin and the rest of attending family and that made an impression on him that he will never forget.

During Jordan’s football career, he would stay in contact with his cousin and get advice, tips, tricks, and whatever important information about the game he could. He continues to do this to this very day.

Considering Revis was one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks and even aptly named Revis Island, there are definitely advantages to having such a talented family member advising you along in your football career. Despite the family relationship and the similarities in positions being played, Jordan Whitehead is his own man, and therefore will have his own career. So, I wouldn’t expect an exact duplicate of his Super Star cousin out there on the playing field.