“Davis to be a starter from day 1?”


Buccaneers rookie CB Carlton Davis is already turning heads in minicamp.

After looking at the tape last night (Friday), Carlton probably had one of the best days on defense of anybody out there yesterday,” Koetter said. “He did a good job. We already knew he was a good player in press coverage, but we wanted to see him play some off coverage as well. He did a really good job. His form tackling-for football on air-was good. We were fired up about the way he played yesterday.”

If Davis continues to show this kind of potential, he should become an instant impact on the team’s defense.

Davis is 6’1 and weighs in around 205 lbs. He is bigger than both of our current starting corners.

This Bucs rookie was selected as Freshman All-SEC in 2015. He started 9 of 13 games that season, recording 56 tackles, 1 forced fumble, a team-leading 3 interceptions and 8 pass defends.

In 2016 he played injured but still managed to start 10 of 12 games, recording 10 pass defends, 46 tackles, and a forced fumble.

During the 2017 season, Davis was a first-team All-SEC selection. He started all 13 games, recording 36 tackles, 1 interception, 11 pass defends, and another forced fumble.

Davis could find himself in a starting role this season, in a division that faces rival receivers that are of a height ranging from 6’2 -6’5. Fans wanted a taller CB and we may have found one.

Davis is extremely confident in his playing skills despite mentioning to press that he was quite nervous about his first day of camp. He fell right into his role after the first few plays and stated that it’s just like playing football when you were younger and football is football no matter what stage of the game you are playing.

As Davis continues to make the transaction from college to the NFL, it’s more than likely that he will fit perfectly into the Buccaneers secondary and settle right into a starting role.