Should the Bucs Re-sign Russell Shepard???


Ex-Buccaneers WR Russell Shepard has been released by the Carolina Panthers for refusing to take a pay cut. So, should the Bucs re-sign the former WR and special team ace??

During Sheppard’s tenure with the Bucs he showed time and time again, he was an awesome presence on special teams. Then, in 2016, the former LSU RB/WR had somewhat of a breakout. That year Shepard grabbed 23 catches for 341 yards and 2 TDs. Very respectable numbers for a 4th WR.

Although, in 2017, the Bucs drafted WR Chris Godwin in the 3rd round. Godwin quickly established himself as a WR who is most likely going to be a star in this league, even starting several games.

So, should the Bucs re-sign Shepard? Sure, but he will have to take a pay cut, as new 4th receiver Chris Godwin isn’t going anywhere.