Jameis Winston: “I’m Just Trying to Find Ways to Win!”


Tampa Bay’s Quarterback Jameis Winston appeared on the show “The Blitz” on SiriusXM NFL Radio, on June 1st. He was asked about his personal goals and expectations for the upcoming season by former Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik. Winston’s answer was simple, as he emphasized that the only thing he really cares about is winning.

Image result for jameis“I’m just trying to find ways to win, put my team in the best position possible to win. That’s just it. You can’t look at stats. You can’t look at performance. You have to look at the win and the loss column.”

Later on, Winston added, “I have to limit things I have done in the past that probably led to losses. I am just doing everything in my power to give this team a chance to win this year.”

Clearly, Jameis is talking about the turnover problems he had last year. Fumbling the ball 15 times is obviously way too often, even though he is not solely to blame for this issue, as his protection in the pocket was far from what it is supposed to be.

Winston’s mindset and work ethic, however, are just what they are supposed to be. Nobody cares about stats as long as the wins keep coming. Hopefully, Winston can stay healthy. If he can, Jameis Winston is primed for an excellent season in his fourth year in the NFL.


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