Will Winston Learn?


Per Greg Auman, Tampa Bay legend and former Head Coach, Tony Dungy is Hopeful that Jameis will understand what is expected of him.

The Hall of Fame coach said, “It’s disappointing and you never want to have your leader unavailable for the team.” Stating that he had spoken to Winston “quite a bit” since the QB was drafted first overall, speaking of his community and charity work in the Bay Area, especially with children, but feeling the young Buccaneer needs to send a “consistent message with his actions.”

Going on to speak about how people can do many good things that go unnoticed, it’s certainly true the one negative is quickly seen and reported by the masses, especially in the modern age of social media where everyone knows who’s doing what and where. Dungy wrapped up saying that he hopes that everyone learns from this incident and can behave in a manner expected of them by the league and the team.

What is worth mentioning is that this alleged incident occurred in 2016 which is over 2 years ago, it would seem that Winston has matured and settled down leaving his questionable behavior behind him.

In the last two years, Winston has been largely applauded for his community work in and around Tampa so the signs are positive that after the suspension is served, Jameis will be an ever present fixture of the Buccaneers offense for years to come.