McCoy Getting Ready For Training Camp With His Batman Rolls Royce


It is well-known that Gerald McCoy is an avid superhero fan, and one of his favorites being the DC universe icon Batman. This year he has taken his fandom to a whole new level. In comparison, last camp, he unveiled superhero swag in the form of custom Hulk cleats. This year, though he definitely step up his game (and opened up his wallet a little more too), and bought himself a car. Not just any car mind you.

Yesterday McCoy posted a series of pictures of a midnight black Batman themed Rolls Royce on his Instagram account saying, “Training camp is coming up and @buccaneers are shining the bat signal. So it’s time for Batman to gear back up!! Shout out to @charlieoneill1980 for the doing what you do!! @dccomics

(You can find his original post HERE) 

This model, which appears to be a Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 has an MSRP listed at $317,700. For that amount, though maybe he would of been better off sticking with the Marvel universe with a hot rod red Iron Man themed Royce. At any rate, McCoy will be arriving in style for the Bucs 2018 training camp.