NFL: Predicting the NFC North


Each season, experts try to do their best in predicting things that may happen in the NFL. This starts with predicting the division winners, award winners, playoff teams, and even the eventual Super Bowl Champion. Over the next four weeks, we will do our best to line up each division. Next up is the NFC North.

  1. Chicago Bears

The Bears will be an improved football team. However, not to the point where they will be talked about in the NFC North. Look for Mitchell Trubisky to be much improved. You can also expect their defense to be better as well. They have weapons that should keep them in football games. An improved team, yes! A playoff team, no! Record 6-10

  1. Detroit Lions

The Lions have the displeasure of playing in this division. Thus having to compete with teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers makes it tough to win. The Lions are heading into 2018 with a new coaching staff. That will also make it difficult. Look for Matt Patricia and company to take third in the division. Record 9-7

  1. Minnesota Vikings

As the Vikings head into 2018, they do so with a new system and a new QB. Kirk Cousins gets the big money contract he had been seeking. Was he worth it? We will see as the season progresses. They still have one of the best defenses in the NFL. It will be up to the offense to keep this team competitive. Record 10-6

  1. Green Bay Packers

The Packers get number 12 back in 2018. They would have been a much better ball club in 2017 had Aaron Rodgers. More than likely making the playoffs. 2018 should see a return of a solid football team. They added some weaponry for Rodgers in the form of Jimmy Graham. The defense drafted much-needed secondary help as well. Record 11-5

The NFC North could be a division that comes down to the final week. Look for the top two teams to be in a battle all-year-long. With the familiar, face coming out on top.

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