What is troubling Noah Spence?


What is up with Noah Spence? His weight has gone up and his weight has gone down, but nevertheless one thing has remained the same, his low level of production on the field. Noah Spence has high expectations from the fans and needs to start living up to it. Consequently, Noah Spence is struggling to get production in these preseason games against weaker opponents.

Buccaneer fans have been waiting very patiently for former second round pick Noah Spence to break out. Spence has been struggling to stay on the field due to his back to back shoulder injuries. Spence had made himself as shredded as possible last year in the off-season to help his speed around the edges. That didn’t go as planned so, his new plan in 2018 Spence decided that he was going to bulk up with thirty pounds of muscle. Since gaining weight, Spence has had two opportunities to tally a sack, but missed the tackle on the quarterback in the pocket.

Noah Spence’s issues aren’t his weight, it’s his technique he has to learn to pick a spot when rushing the passer and attack it. Just beat the offensive tackle there and force him back into the quarterback to force a bad throw. Noah Spence needs to focus and just play football and make the plays that you have the chance to make.

Spence this entire preseason has struggled against weaker. If Spence wants to keep his name off the hot seat, then it’s time for him to play at another level and make the people, who believe in him proud.