BritBuc’s Snap Judgement Jags Edition


The game is in the history books and the preseason schedule is complete. The Bucs succumbed to a 25 to 10 loss against Jacksonville on Thursday night as the peripheral players stated their final case for a place on the roster. I’ve stated so many times, in articles and on my BritBuc’s Bites show that the final score shouldn’t be overly analysed as it’s essentially just a practice scenario. That being said there were so many talking points to take from Thursdays game, some bad some good. I’m going to start with the bad, so we can end this on a positive note.

Some players did not do themselves any favours in trying to find a home in Tampa and will be living nervously over the next few days. Alex Cappa might not be one of those names, but definitely needs to be sat down and given some strong words of encouragement. Missing several blocks against the Jaguars meant that many Jags defenders had the freedom of the backfield and let’s remember that it wasn’t starting players that he was struggling against. In the defense of Cappa he is transitioning from tackle to guard and that comes with its own adjustment period as well as getting used to the game at the pro level. To me Alex Cappa has an upside, but needs to get up to speed and prove that he is reliable depth on an important area of the team.

Ronald Jones II was always going to land on this list. Going against players fighting for a roster spot was his big chance. His opportunity to breakout against what should have been inferior quality. He was all set to show why the team invested a 2nd round pick in him. He was going to show the Buccaneers that he was the answer to the run game. He was going to perform. Until he stepped onto the field. An off-season schedule ha shown Jones making flashes and showing what he is capable of, from long receptions to gashing runs. Maybe that’s a REALLY bad omen for the Tampa Bay defense as the reality on the field has been very different for the man from USC. Ronald Jones II has consistently shown poor vision and effort when handed the ball and it can’t all be blamed on the blocking in front of him, although some of it has been poor but hasn’t affected any of the other backs. Concerns that Jones didn’t have a grasp of the playbook have been dismissed by Coach Koetter as he’s been quoted saying that it (Jones rushing) wasn’t pretty but showed he had a grasp of the playbook. Excuses are fast running out for Jones and he needs to get his act together and start showing why his name was called.

The Good – Griffin again showed that he’s the right choice to sit behind Fitzpatrick when the season starts. If the worst happens, I’m confident that Griffin can take the reigns and there won’t be too great a drop off. Shaun Wilson has also done himself plenty of favors this preseason and needed his name on the Bucs depth chart. Returning kicks will be his bread and butter, but also a 21 yard stroll showed he’s not just a one trick pony.