The Bucs Have A Nice Problem


”Who’s on first?”

Admittedly the Abbot and Costello sketch is about baseball but here in Tampa it’s quite apt. Typically a defensive coordinator would know the opposing number one option in the passing game and plan accordingly. They would plan their defense and draw up plays to neutralise the threat.

So who do you cover? Mike Evans? DeSean Jackson? Both players are number one players with different ways to beat the defense. Evans, whilst he doesn’t have elite speed he still has the ability to outrun many DBs in a foot race along with an inhuman catch radius. Jackson has dependable hands and the speed to take the top of the defense, proven by not one but two 75 yard scores. That alone gives coordinators headaches.

But what about a player, who in the first two games has 8 receptions for 97 yards and two TDs? On most teams the 6”1’ player with 4.42 speed and those stats would quickly be the focus of that Defensive Coordinator. Only for our Bucs that player is Chris Godwin! A player who is seemingly headed to be a long term fixture for the Buccaneers, and is showing he has what it takes to be the man opposite Evans.

Tampa Bay has 3 viable number one receivers and for Godwin, taken in the 3rd round of the draft in 2017, he has landed in the perfect position. Jackson is experiencing a 2nd wind in the Bay Area but won’t play forever and is giving Godwin the chance to see plenty of time on the field terrorising defenses while learning behind two of the best receivers in the NFL.

It looks like we can look forward to a powerful passing offense for years to come while we juggle who gets the nod. A nice problem to have. I’m sure you’d agree?