Can The Buccaneers Handle Prime Time?


***Opinion Editorial***

Your Tampa Bay Buccaneers get to make a stand at home this Monday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and are going to be bringing their “A” game with them as well as a lot of baggage too. The baggage I’m referring to is all the news circling the Steeler camp this past week. There are rumors saying that Mike Tomlin has lost the team and the Steelers play under their own code of conduct and that is playing for themselves.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers first Monday Night game in team history was October 6th, 1980 and they lost to the Chicago Bears 23-0. The Bucs most recent Monday night game was November 11th, 2013 when they defeated the Miami Dolphins 22-19. The Bucs overall record on Monday Nights in 20 games played is 11 wins and 9 losses.

Prime time games haven’t been kind to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in recent years, unlike the times when Sapp, Lynch, Brooks, and Barber were around. Probably because most fans did not want to watch us play, but this 2018 Bucs squad is special. The players seem to be playing for each other, their coaches, and the fans. In my opinion, for the first time in a very long time the fans actually feel connected with the team.

The Bucs are never favored in any game and they never get any respect from anyone, but most of that is on themselves as well as nobody wanting to believe in them. The Bucs have a chance to change some critics minds if they can pull off a convincing victory against the Steelers. The city of Tampa Bay has been waiting for a reason to cheer on the hometown Bucs, and Monday night just might be the night to do it.

My personal thoughts on this brings me back to when I was a player. I’ve never been a person to care what others thought about me. I did what I believed what was right and lived with my decision. Point being, if this team can block out everyone’s negative energy and focus on their respective job and play for each other, I believe we will finish 1st in our division.

B-U-C-C-A-N-E-E-R-S! Go Bucs!