Will The Real Bucs Defense, Please Stand Up?


Monday morning: I wake up and see countless articles and even a gofundmepage to have Mike Smith fired. Personally, I have never wanted a guy to lose his job (Except for Lovie Smith…wow). We have seen the stats, numbers, and product defensively on the field. Is this all on Mike Smith though? I would venture to say it isn’t.

Mike Smith’s role as coordinator, is to put his defense in a position to stop offenses. He doesn’t suit up, wear a jersey, and wait for the ball to be snapped. For those of you calling for Smith’s job this morning, you should also be calling for every defenders job. Blown tackles, no pressure, missed opportunities etc. This loss is 100 percent on the players who line up on defense.

I’m sure the argument to that last statement will be something along the lines of, well, Mike Smith has to be able to adjust in game and put the players in better positioning, blah blah blah. The bottom line is this, the defense that has been on the field is not executing. The secondary is allowing quarterbacks like Mitchell Trubusky throw for 6 TD’s. The front line didn’t get to the QB except for 1 time. I’ll meet you guys in the middle and say this, yes it may be time for a change at coordinator. However, I will not sit here and blame Mike Smith for this loss. This loss is on the team as a whole. All the way from offense to defense.

I said it in the title, and I’ll say it again. Will the real Bucs defense, please stand up?