Will Ryan Fitzpatrick Disappear?


***Opinion Editorial***

I do not think Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to disappear anytime soon, despite the trade speculation brewing around the recent workout of QB Paxton Lynch. If that were the case, it would be a stupid move on the part of the Buccaneers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to disappear in a manner of speaking, but it will not be from the team; it will be because he fades into the background.

If anyone will be traded, I think it will be 3rd string QB Ryan Griffin. The reasoning for this belief is that when the Buccaneers were down 30-3 going into the half of week three’s Monday night game, they did not at any time pull Fitzpatrick and put Griffin into the game. When we were down at the half in Chicago, Jameis started the second half.

I believe Ryan “Fitzmagic” still has a few more tricks up his sleeve, and if something were to happen down the road, he will have a chance to perform them. Until that happens or he retires, Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t likely going anywhere and has not performed his final trick.