Koetter Asked For Player Feedback Before Bye


Sometimes when things don’t go according to plan you need to sit down and reassess the situation. Often times it is good to get feedback from those around you in case there is a blind spot you aren’t aware of.

The Bucs are 2-2 heading out of the bye, but essentially limped their way to that record after a hot 2-0 start. With that said Dirk Koetter set up a short feedback session for players to write down what they thought the team needed to improve on. He is quoted saying via Rick Stroud, “I put together a very short thing and I asked some guys to give me some feedback and they did an awesome job. I appreciate their honesty. Because sometimes honesty can be self-defeating and make yourself look bad. But I appreciate their honesty and you know the communication both ways, player coach-coach player, was good.” (You can find the orginal quote HERE)

It remains to be seen whether the team’s heart-to-heart of sorts will produce any changes on and/or off the field. I’m sure the common theme led back to one thing: Getting back to what led to winning. As that has been sorely missing these past few weeks.