DE Mitch Unrein Burns Twitter Troll


Early in training camp DE Mitch Unrein suffered a concussion. One bad enough to land him on IR through the first 8 weeks of the season.

Oddly enough Unrein was in a back in forth with QB Matt Barkley on player safety and how the league may have taken it too far. That didn’t sit well with Twitter follower Pumja_Sanjee. More or less telling him to just play ball. Unrein quipped back, “Poor troll. Why are you son angry.”



















As funny as Unrein’s response may be it was a comedic way for us to realize three things. One, don’t be a twitter troll. Two, don’t ever question a pro’s desire to play. Three, player safety is a real issue, and there should be a balance between safety and quality football. Buc nation wishes you the best Unrein, and to have you back on the field soon!