Is Kwon worth “elite” linebacker money?


This question is more loaded than a baked potato. To even get near an answer to this question, there are several factors to consider. Let’s break it down a bit and see where we get.

The Player
A four-star football prospect as well as a stud on the track, Kwon arrived at LSU playing immediately as a true freshman. By his junior year, he led the Tigers with 92 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Drafted by the Buccaneers in the 4th round of the 2015 draft, Alexander initially competed for the strong side linebacker position before HC Lovie Smith moved him to middle linebacker where he started. With a high revving motor and very unique hairstyle, Kwon has stood out in the Buccaneer defense and been one of our fan favorites.

The Team
This is where the picture starts to get a little blurry. His talent, speed, and dedication to his craft is not a question. The salary cap, supporting cast, and team philosophy will be. Seems like since the beginning of time, it’s been Kwon and Lavonte, Lavonte and Kwon. Not many teams can afford to have the two studs at linebacker that we are blessed to have. With possible cap room opening up depending on how the experiment on the defensive line plays out and some offensive contracts to consider (see left tackle and long-term QB), Licht will have some decisions to make from a team standpoint that will impact what Kwon’s worth to the Buccaneers might be.

The Open Market
Teams will line up to find a middle linebacker to build the defense around. You give them a shot at a sideline-to-sideline speedster like Alexander, and the market could be quite lucrative. It will take that first team to evaluate, ruminate, and finally negotiate, to start that possible bidding war. There is still much of the season to play, but don’t think there aren’t already eyes on Kwon from all over the league.

For now, I will enjoy every game that Kwon Alexander suits up for the Buccaneers, and like every NFL fan, hope the chips fall in the right places.

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