DeSean Jackson Displays Burst Of Emotion After Final Play


Why does it seem like DeSean Jackson’s helmet wasn’t the only thing to almost get slammed? The last play of the game Sunday against Atlanta came up painfully short. If Djax was actually thinking about throwing down his helmet, we will never know. But the emotion, the pain he was feeling, was apparent on his face moments after the sloppy pitch from Mike Evans bounced out of bounds as time expired.

DeSean was interviewed at his locker following the game, explaining that there were several teammates involved with the final play. But he was still quite distraught about how the whole thing played out. Not only was it obvious how bad Djax wanted this game, be he actually said they should not have lost to this team. He mentioned how hard he works, almost insinuating that there might be some in the locker room who don’t.

Jackson is no stranger to last minute heroics. Known as “the Punt” by Giants fans, Jackson’s last-second punt return for a touchdown in 2010 is considered by some to be on par with the Immaculate Reception or the Music City Miracle and in 2013 was voted the greatest play of all time by voters on DeSean is the kind of player that when the game is on the line, he wants the ball in his hands.

For all the celebrating the Buccaneers did in the first two weeks of the season, they have been very short on emotional displays over the last three weeks, during which all their games were, coincidentally, losses. For all the negative things the Bucs fans saw on Sunday, the emotion from DeSean Jackson seemed like a positive.