Could Dirk Koetter Reach Out To Another Buddy To Help Out In Tampa Bay?


It’s no secret that Dirk Koetter and former Colts HC Chuck Pagano are friends and that he was at the Buccaneers’ practice earlier this offseason. Could there be a chance that the Buccaneers Head Coach could reach out to Pagano for help with Interim DC Mark Duffner’s transition?


There is a plethora of information confirming that former Head Coach Chuck Pagano wants back into the NFL. Pagano has a lot of experience with defensive coaching, reaching as far back as 1987 when he was the Linebackers Coach for Boise State. He has been a Defensive Coordinator, Secondary Coach, and a Linebackers Coach all over NCAA Football and the NFL.

He has a lengthy record for coaching some of the top teams around: the 1995-2000 Miami Hurricanes, where he was DB and Special Teams Coach; Defensive Coordinator of the 2007 North Carolina Tar Heels; Secondary Coach of the Baltimore Ravens 2008-2010; all this before being promoted to Defensive Coordinator in 2011.

In 2012, Pagano took over the Head Coaching job for the Indianapolis Colts, where he and Interim Head Coach Bruce Arians took a 2-14 team and turned them into an 11-5 team, which ultimately lost to his former team, the Baltimore Ravens, in that season’s Wild Card. After leading the AFC North with two more 11-5 seasons, Pagano’s team’s performance dropped slightly to back-to-back 8-8 seasons and then to a 4-12 season in 2017 that caused him to be terminated.

Chuck Pagano is by no means finished coaching in the league, and Tampa would be the perfect place to start anew. He could immediately begin helping the Buccaneers Interim Defensive Coordinator. And that would be magnificent, in my opinion. It also could pave the way for him to become our Defensive Coordinator in 2019.