Frustrating Times


The trade deadline is fast approaching, and for many teams it’s a time of furious action. Some teams will be looking at who might be available to fill a hole in the roster. Teams that are making a playoff push will be looking for that missing piece. A general manager looking to prove his win now.

For Bucs fans? The silence is deafening! With a solid roster in place this isn’t the Swiss Cheese of previous years. With a 3-3 record and winnable games down the stretch this could be a playoff team. There is a definitive weakness in the defensive backfield that could and should be filled before the deadline. But still silence.

If Jason Licht wants to show us that he’s the man for the job, then surely he has to make a move to show he’s serious about the Buccaneers being a winning team. That he cares about the product on the field. Just something. Anything!

These are certainly frustrating times for fans in Tampa, and we are waiting. Waiting for the proof that the organization is serious about the Buccaneers being a winning franchise and end the playoff drought.

Whilst it’s true that one player (cough, Peterson, cough) might not make the team capable of beating all comers, it shows intent to succeed. Intent that right now is missing.