The Real Reason a Head Coach Gets Fired



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When you fire a head coach, it’s because he isn’t firing or hiring the correct staff.

It’s not his defense or offense. That belongs to the DC or OC and variable staff involved.

The HC is not actually in charge of X’s and O’s. His job is evaluation and managing all the other staff. The DC is the top guy on defense, and the OC is top on offense. The HC is in charge of the management of all team activities, organizing staff, and making sure each detail is checked off for travel, making decisions based on input from the staff on player evaluation and working with the GM to fill spots. It’s also his job to evaluate other staff and hire and fire appropriately.

Here’s what should in fact happen. John Hoke, the DB coach, should be fired and a suitable replacement installed. Same with D-Line and LB’s coaches. The DC will either hold the title or be replaced in the offseason. If replaced, the new DC will bring in replacements for those positions. That is how it works.  You don’t fire the CEO of a company because there are a few employees not performing.  It’s stupid and sets the company back.

The model the Glazers have used is the one Hugh Culverhouse created. He found no need to actually build a winning franchise because he could just fire staff every 2 to 3 years and reinvigorate sales by creating new excitement in doing so.

The Glazers have adopted this same philosophy.  It’s time for this circle jerk to end and for the Bucs to act like a real team.

Authored by Johnny Dean