We Want a Creamsicle Game



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A “creamsicle” game is a request fans have made year after year since 2013 when the NFL made changes to their safety rules regarding helmets, which pretty much shelved the idea for the team to sport the original orange and white along with the retired ‘Bucco Bruce’ logo on the field.

The rule boils down to the safety of the players. The NFL does not want them to be switching helmets throughout the season. Once a player has a helmet they are comfortable with and one that fits well, they stick with it for the duration.

So why is this an issue when it comes to throwback uniforms? Well, the Buccaneers’ throwback uniforms include a white helmet with orange and red and the ‘Bucco Bruce’ logo. And while some teams simply just place a removable decal over their current logo on their helmets when playing in their throwback uniforms, that would be difficult for the Buccaneers to do, since their helmet base color changed from white to pewter when they retired their original uniforms back in ‘97.

I am a big fan of the retired Bucs colors, and in my personal opinion, if the helmet is the only thing holding the team back from playing in their throwbacks, why not just omit the white helmets from the old uniforms, slap a ‘Bucco Bruce’ sticker across the current logo, and send the guys out on the field?

Granted, the colors of the throwback uniforms and the new helmets may not look all that great together. But man, wouldn’t it be cool to see the team in orange and white for at least one game?

There has to be a way to make this happen.