Want to Get Excited for Bucs/Giants Game? “READ THIS”!



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Alright, alright, those of you that have read an article of mine before already knew going in that I am if nothing else, a bit “DRAMATIC” at times, and I own it.  But I have serious logic to be excited for this weekends matchup between the Giants of New York, and our Buccaneers.  Lost in the Quarterback carousel, the kicking  conundrum, and the coaching kaleidoscope is the fact that over the last month and a half this team has played more like a divided group of contestants on Survivor, than a football team, that changes this weekend at MetLife stadium, here’s why.

There have been so few times this season that we have seen the offense, defense and special teams play together as a group.  The defense was barely surviving when our offense was screaming up and down the field.  Then the defense finds a little footing but the offense decides to do its best impersonation of the “Keystone Cops”, with a total of over 500 yards, and only 3 points against Washington.  The special teams miscues have also added to the woes of this season.  Turns out the remedy to heal the Buccaneer ills isn’t some mystical elixir from the Far East, but veteran leadership from the NFC East, and it was already here in Tampa Bay.   This week, Jason Pierre-Paul, and DeSean Jackson look to build a bridge unifying all of the team, and the bridge is constructed out of respect.

This game has been circled on JPP’s calendar since long before the season started.  Jackson has played enough games against the Giants that he knows what to expect going into the hostile territory of New Jersey. This was their division. Just yesterday, these two ran the NFC East, and they’ve got reps to maintain.   What makes these thoughts so intriguing is that right now, as Pat Shurmur and the rest of the Giants staff game plan to go away from JPP, and slow down Djax, it becomes the responsibility of 44 other players on the Buccaneer sideline (injuries) to step up, find their happy place, and smack the bejeebas out of the “G” men.  We even have a new kicker.  Imagine what this weekend should look like with all three Buccaneer units playing as a unit.  One thing is for sure.  If we are not exhilarated on Sunday afternoon with an emotional victory in New York, the Buccaneer coaching staff should be asked to find their own way back to Tampa, unemployed.