Jameis Winston – 3rd Down King


Which is the most crucial down in football? Third down, correct. Who is the best quarterback in the NFL this year when it comes to converting on the third down? Take a wild guess. Yes! It is our very own Jameis Winston.

According to Washingtonpost.com (see article HERE), Winston leads all quarterbacks in the above mentioned category with a rate of over 57 percent. That puts Tampa Bay’s franchise quarterback well ahead of Matt Ryan at number two (54.3 percent) and Patrick Mahomes at number three (53.1 percent).

Needless to say, third down success is extremely important for the success of a signal caller in the NFL. Does this stat make Jameis the unquestioned future of the franchise for the Bucs? Of course not. But it is a huge indicator that speaks in favor of Jameis Winston when it comes to deciding whether to stick with the 24-year old former Florida State product or not.

To be honest, Winston has made highly questionable decisions on and off the field. However, his efficiency on third down, his unparalleled work ethic, his sportsmanship even after losing his starting job in combination with his incomparable will and determination to win make this man a keeper, without a doubt. He has the rest of the 2018 season to prove that he is the unquestioned starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.