Jameis and the Turnover: A Short Story


Jameis Winston has never gone more than 4 consecutive games without a turnover.  And he’s only done that once.  Believe it or not, it was his rookie year with the Bucs. The End.

Kidding. Kidding! There’s more. Like how turnovers affect his winning percentage.

When it comes to interceptions, he isn’t affected in any clear way, or the team isn’t.  Perhaps everyone’s just used to it.

2015- 4 out of 6 wins (3 losses in 0 INT games)

2016- 3 out of 9 wins (2 losses in 0 INT games)

2017- 2 out of 3 wins (6 losses in 0 INT games!)

2018- 2 out of 2 wins (no other games with 0 INT)


NFL Career- 11 out of 20 wins when not throwing an INT, just above 50%, certainly not impactful to wins and losses.  And when you consider the team has lost 11 times when he hasn’t thrown a pick, it really isn’t a winning/losing factor.

A look at his history of fumbles shows the following:

2015- 2 lost fumbles, 1 win, 1 loss

2016- 6 lost fumbles, 2 wins, 4 losses

2017- 7 lost fumbles (3 in one game!), 5 losses

2018- 1 lost fumble, 1 win


NFL Career- 16 lost fumbles, 4 wins, 10 losses in 14 games with a fumble, more of a clear trend. When Jameis fumbles, the Bucs lose.

Jameis’ turnovers are killing his chances to lead the Bucs to victories.  But could he be learning a more conservative, turnover-free style of play?  Is he finally learning that his turnovers are directly leading to losses?  He’s known this his whole career as a Quarterback, but could it now finally be sinking in?  He certainly hasn’t played clean the last two weeks, as he has thrown a couple of balls that could have been picked.  But he has played a much more efficient brand of football than we are used to seeing from him.  That is a great positive.  It’s the kind of ball he’s going to have to play if the Bucs are going to win and if he’s going to stay in Tampa and sign a lucrative extension.  Jameis the game manager might be just the Jameis the Bucs need.