So You’re Saying There’s A Chance


The Baltimore Ravens are built to pound.

Basically what I’m saying here is they have a Pro Bowl caliber O-line, they use not only a TE but also they are one of the few teams remaining who utilizes an FB.

Their defense is ranked highly for a reason.

In order to compete with them, we will need to rethink some of the schemes that have worked lately.

We don’t need to keep 6 DB’s in since the one glaring weakness on the Ravens is the passing game.

This game our defense should play man in the secondary with a safety over the top.

Stack the line to get pressure and keep a spy on Jackson.

Keep Winston in designed scrambles. Against the Ravens pass rush the pocket is his enemy.

He will need to utilize the short pass, to compensate for the run.
Running vs the Ravens will probably be moot.

If we can’t run against the Saints, there is little to no chance we’re going anywhere vs a team who lives in cold weather and thrives in run situations.

If we do this successfully, and our offense gets some breaks, we just may be able to pull out a W.

So yeah, I’m saying there’s a chance, as slim as it may be.

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Written by: Johnny Dean