John Harbaugh Is Off the Table. Who’s Left?


Evidently the Ravens and John Harbaugh have worked out their issues and he will be staying in Baltimore. This probably means they gave him more control of player personnel and a raise for his contract extension when it comes.

Where does that leave us in our search for a coach?

Jim Harbaugh is not leaving Michigan, in my opinion. He’s just getting his recruits in place, and now that Meyers is gone in Ohio, the division should be his for the taking.
Bruce Arians insists he will only take the Browns job, which puts him against his former Steelers. Maybe he wants some payback there. Who knows?

Mike McCarthy? I’m not sure about him. He definitely has the resume. But something about him really bothers me. Honestly, that’s just me, and he could be the right guy.

Vic Fangio? He’s certainly a top contender for the job. His work as the Bears’ DC is impressive. He will be a favorite in NFL coaching searches.

Lincoln Riley? I am no fan of college transition coaches. They fail more than they succeed in the NFL. But who’s to say?

All I really know at this point is whoever they replace Koetter with damn well better be able to outperform him, or don’t replace him ‘til there’s a proven coach already lined up.

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Written by Johnny Dean.



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