Johnny’s Prospects Preview


My second take on this season’s draft prospects takes us to the defensive side of the ball, an outside linebacker from the University of Kentucky by the name of Josh Allen. Even though Allen is a top 5 candidate, I felt I needed to add him to this series due to fan popularity. Unless the Bucs make one hell of a trade, Josh Allen won’t be in Tampa wearing Bucs colors anytime in the near future.

At 6’4” and 258 pounds, this edge rusher from Kentucky is only a 2 ☆ recruit, surprisingly enough. Josh Allen has versatility in his game, but he is not at his best in run defense. He’s more suited to taking on the TE’s in that aspect of his game.

But you will be hard pressed to find many other weaknesses in his approach. He has the fluid hips needed to take on the outside linemen in pass plays and can, if needed, use his speed to come completely around the backside to make a tackle.

Josh Allen is going to have a very bright future in the NFL provided he can stay healthy, which so far hasn’t been a concern.

All that said, time for a dose of reality. Josh Allen isn’t a serious fit in the Tampa defensive scheme. His weakness in the run and his speed make him perfect for a 3-4 defense. Since it would take considerable time to adjust our entire defense to his strength and in turn weakening the strengths of our current roster, it is very unlikely the Bucs will be inclined to trade up for him. He is far more Von Miller than Khalil Mack, who could play in any scheme.

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Written by Johnny Dean.