MIA in 2018: Rojo


Where in the world has Ronald Jones II been this entire season? The first three games of which were spent inactive. In 9 games he put together a paultry 23 carries for 44 yards and 1 TD. He did have a season long run of 9 yards though. Through the air he has 15 receptions for 33 yards. Most of which came from behind the line of scrimmage on dump passes. Passes he didn’t make the most of.

So in total Jones has penciled in 77 all-purpose yards. This was not what was expected when the Bucs drafted him in the second round, and they especially didn’t think an undrafted free agent in Peyton Barber would beat him out for the starting gig for all of 2018. Jones probably didn’t expect it either.

His total lack of production, heck even traction in the depth chart is perplexing. Is it due to a rough transition to the pro’s? Is it coaching? Or is he simply just the 3rd best back on the team? The answer, probably a combination of all driven home by incompetent coaching.

With a new head coach and his regime, maybe Jones could get a 2nd crack at starting off his pro career on the right foot.