McCoy: It doesn’t matter the scheme it’s either you can play football or you can’t!


In a tweet by DT Gerald McCoy this morning he summarized that it apparently doesn’t matter what scheme/position you play him in. This tweet comes after the growing uncertainty if the longtime Buc would fit well in the incoming DC Todd Bowles’ defensive scheme.



Obviously McCoy seems confident in his abilities. Which he should be after being considered one of the top DT’s in the NFL year after year.

That said if Gerald McCoy does end up staying on the Bucs roster in 2019, it has been stated by Bowles and HC Bruce Arians that the defensive scheme will be molded around their personnel. This should only help McCoy in a transition to a new regime that desires to play to the All-Pro DT’s strengths.

For now though, it is all but certain he will be in Tampa Bay next season.