Player Profile: Kyler Murray (QB, Oklahoma)


College: Oklahoma University 

Height: 5’9″ / Weight: 195 lbs

Projected Round: 1st 



The first year Oklahoma starter, is a dual athlete (football and baseball) who will need to find the perfect team in order to flourish in the NFL. Last year Murray signed a contract with the Oakland A’s worth just over $5 million, and $4 million of which was a signing bonus. Last year it seemed more likely than not that the 21-year-old dual athlete would choose the MLB over the NFL due to the uncertainty that he would be a top QB draft prospect, and for the fact there is obviously more guaranteed money in pro baseball. Recently he asked the A’s for more money in his rookie deal, and was turned downed. Then after it became more clear he would be a first round pick in the NFL, he opted to declare for the NFL draft. If he does in fact get drafted, he will have to forego a good portion of his $4 million signing bonus. Which he would pay back through his NFL rookie contract. 




Klyer Murray is a smart, athletic, and accurate thrower with a good arm. Last year at Oklahoma he completed 69% of his passes and threw for 4,361 yards with 42 TD’s / 7 INT’s. He is the very definition of what you are looking for in a dual-threat quarterback. Since he operates exclusively out of shotgun,  it gives him the ability to compensate for his short stature, and is able to progress through his reads or find running lanes if his flushed out of the pocket. 



This type of prospect is not the sort of player who can be plugged into any NFL system. Whichever QB needy team drafts him will have to commit to building their entire offense around him to get the most out of his strengths. Being a dual-threat QB, he’s great on the run when flushed out of a collapsing pocket, but will need to learn to tuck the ball away to protect it from would-be defenders at the pro level.

Source: Walter Football