The Pursuit of Immortality!


When Tom Brady famously entered the NFL in 2000 as the 199th pick, he was a potential player. A maybe. When he eventually retires it will be as one of the greatest.

Despite his polarizing career he has been at the forefront of quarterbacks in the 18 years he has been in New England. From the tuck rule to deflate gate, the records will speak for themselves long after Brady has hung up his cleats. Don’t count on that being soon, though.

Whatever the result on Sunday, should Tom Brady walk away from football nobody would blame him. He hasn’t anything else to prove after he has achieved pretty much everything that could be achieved. He’s the winningest QB in football, is the MVP of multiple seasons and Super Bowls, and holds record after record and at least 5 Super Bowl rings.

But what separates the good from the great, the great from the greatest? Tom Brady currently holds the most Rings by a QB (Charles Haley has 5 as a LB) and could stand alone at the top of the pile come Sunday night. What makes the difference is that the greatest are never satisfied—they keep wanting more and more. Since 2000 Brady has carried a chip on his shoulder about his draft position, and I expect that to continue, whatever the result against Los Angeles.

Whatever the personal opinion of Brady, his impact on the game cannot be denied.