Super Bowl? Meh.


The Yawn factor.

It’s time once again for the Super Bowl to fill our TV screens. Or is it ?

Statistically. This Super Bowl will probably garner about as much interest as the others. But for some reason it just feels blah.
I’m not feeling the excitement that is usually associated with the Super Bowl week.
Where my neighbors were talking about nothing else. Now it’s back to the weather, hockey, and politics here.
Has it become overhyped?
Could it be we’re mostly non-enthusiastic over another Patriots bowl?
Or does it seem that this whole scenario has been played out and has become far too predictible?

Regardless of the why’s, I will be thankful when it’s over and we can look to free agency beginning And that means the start of a completely new league this following week.
Now that’s something I can get excited over.
The AAF kicks off February 9th. I’ll be watching that. The Super Bowl this year? Meh not so much.

Written by Johnny Dean