Bucs Bucannon Defend’s Patrick Peterson Amid Suspension


On Twitter today Bucs money linebacker Deon Bucannon defended Arizona CB Patrick Peterson after he was recently suspended 6 games for PED’s. His Tweet was in response to a initial post by Skip Bayless of FOX Sports 1. In that Tweet he stated how he was “disappointed” and “stunned.” Bucannon however wasn’t having any of it.

Pro athlete’s, more than ever before, are under intense scrutiny with regards to substances deemed illegal by pro leagues like the NFL. At any time a player can be randomly tested to make sure they aren’t taking in illegal substances. Which ensures that nothing would give them an unfair edge on the field.

While the intent seems plain and simple, it has been speculated by many pro athletes that their league unfairly targets certain high profile athlete’s. Without a doubt there are numerous examples to choose from that could give this theory credibility. At this point though there is no definitive proof. Yet there is just enough uncertainty to keep the theory alive.

Bucannon’s frustration is clearly rooted in the process and criteria of the testing process, and the media’s willingness to accept the report at face value.

Do Bucannon’s points have merit? They do to a degree, but the drug testing policies of the NFL are a matter with many layers. A matter that could very well come up in the next CBA between players and the NFL.

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